10 things you have at see in Kos

This summer I got to visit the Greek island Kos and today I want to share the 10 places that I think you should visit when you’re on the island.

1. Asclepeion
Back in the days of the old Greeks Asclepeion was a temple for healing, either physical or mental healing. One of the people that worked there is Hippocrates. He is seen as one of the most outstanding people in the history of medicine. He’s also known as the father of medicine.
Asclepeion is seen as the first ‘hospital’ in the world.
The place is still in quite a good shape and totally worth visiting. A ticket is about €8 a person or you can get a combination card for like €15 which allows you to also visit the museum in Kos town, the ruins of a castle and the Casa Romana.

2. Plaka forest
One of the unique places we came across is Plaka forest, a nice forest with in the middle an area with a lot of peacocks. I’ve never seen so many peacocks in one place. Plus I never noticed they could fly, until I saw a three full of peacocks.
It’s a nice place to visit if you have a rental car and it’s is free to go there. Just be careful not to drive over one of the many peacocks or cats that are living there.

3. Agios Stefanos Beach
My personal favorite is this beach because it’s a sandy beach and the sea is so blue. From the beach you have the view on a small island with a little chapel. You are able to swim to the island and visit the chapel.
On one side of the beach there is the ruin of an old chapel. So this place has some archeological things to see and an amazing beach.

4. Paleo Pyli
The ruins of a dessert town in the mountains of the island. It’s quite a drive to get to the start of the village. From there you will have to climb to see the old houses and a few churches. You will be accompanied by a bunch of goats who are the current inhabitants of the town.
All the way at the top there is a Tavern and honestly they serve the best food we’ve had during or time on the island. The fetta is so fresh and the tzatziki is amazing. From the terrace you have a beautiful view over the island.

5. Blue chapels
The typical Greek chapels are all over the island. They’re very beautiful and I think you should really try to enter one.

6. Casa Romana
In 1933 when the Italians occupied Kos they decided to rebuild the Casa Romana on the ruins that were still left from the original one. The restoring process took 7 years. Once you enter the building you feel like you’re walking right into the past. It’s really nice to see how they rebuilt de building leaving the old fundament.

7. Boat tour
We wanted to do a boat tour and ended up picking the three island tour. Unfortunately the guy who sold us the tickets made the trip seem more amazing than it did in the end, but I enjoyed my day. It was really nice to be on a boat and see some other islands even though they weren’t really impressive.
There was one stop where we got to jump of the boat and use the snorkeling masks from the boat. I really enjoyed doing that.

8. Sunset on the beach
We had 3 restaurants on the beach right across from our hotel. On the last night we decided to go out for dinner a little earlier than we usually do to watch the sunset. It is gorgeous to see the sun go down and all the colors of the sky.

9. Archeological sites in Kos town
Kos town is the capital of the island and definitely worth a visit. It has a lot of archeological sites that are free to visit. An old Odeon, the ruins of a gymnasium and the tree of Hippocrates. In the harbor there is an old castle, but too be honest I wasn’t that impressed by the castle.

10. Kos town
Beside all the archeological sites Kos has a newer part. Cute little streets with shops and restaurants. I loved walking through the streets and just see where we would end up. The buildings are pretty and it really gave me the vacation feeling to be there.

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