Christmas windows in Paris

Every year Galerie Lafayette and le Printemps spent lots of money on their windows with Christmas decorations. It is a typical Parisian thing to watch those decorations in the windows. Last night I took a look at them and I was pretty impressed.
They show a few articles, but mainly moving objects and sometimes you can even hear some music.

I’ve seen shoes flying through the air, kissing teddy bears and stuffed animals dressed up as astronauts jumping up and down.

Last year we’ve watched the Christmas windows during the day after Christmas and it was so crowded I couldn’t hardly see anything. This year we went during the night and suddenly I had the possibility to take nice pictures and actually enjoy the view.

Printemps windows show journey of gifs. How do they get to the people who receive their gift. Ofcourse they used their fantasy, cause I’ve never seen gifts going through space.

The windows of Galerie Lafayette are all based on the theme spectacular.

You can see the Christmas windows till January 3rd.

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