Dream come true

As long as I remember All You Need is Love is one of my favorite show. For all my non Dutch readers, it’s a tv show about love. Long distance couples get reunited, families who have been separated for a long time get to finally see each other again, but also people who live closer to each other can thank their loved ones or admit they’ve had a crush on someone for a long time.

Usually the season starts with the Christmas special on December 24th.  And about 6 episodes in the beginning of the year. This year’s season started 2 weeks ago.

I’ve always said I hope that one day I can work at this show. Because I really like the show and I would love to make tv programs. When I started studying journalism it was my ultimate goal to do my 3rd year internship there. It was quite a disappointment when my teacher told me it is not qualified for the first internship because the show focuses on entertainment.
The second internship is optional, but since I want to do a minor in Paris, I can only do one.

This upcoming week we have to do a short 3 day internship. The rules are less strict and I could do almost everything that’s media related. There are a lot of media companies where I would like to spent a few days, but All You Need is Love is on top of my list.

About a month and a half ago I called the media company that produces the tv show. They told me to send an email but the change to actually go there is small.
One week later I got an email back saying that I was allowed to go there.

I am so excited about it and I can’t believe I will start tomorrow. It’s just for 3 days but I think I will learn a lot.

This week will be a busy day and since I have to go to Amsterdam I don’t know how much time I will have to upload any new content. I am really going to try and I hope there will be a brand new post for you tomorrow.

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