Fall break in Paris part 2

Here you go, part 2 of my week in Paris.

Thursday morning we went to the local market to get galette for lunch. A galette is like a crêpe but made of dark flower instead of normal flower. When you eat it you put on salty things like cheese, mushrooms, baked eggs or bacon. I really like to have mine with bacon and goatcheese.
Beside buying galette to eat at home we both got a crêpe with salty caramel for breakfast.

(This is my happy crepe face)

In the afternoon we visited the Père Lachaise graveyard. The most visited graveyard in the world. I read on the internet that it is visited by more than 3,5 million people a year. There are over 1 million people buried there. Unknown people as well as famous people like Jim Morrison and Édith Piaf.
The graveyard is huge and we’ve walked around for about an hour. There is such a variety of graves, some are really big while others are quite small. There are graves from people that died in the early 1800’s and people who died just a couple months ago.
Some of the graves were about to fall apart while others were in a very good grave. At one of the graves I looked at, the stones had moved so I could look right at the bones of the person who is buried there. Over 200 years ago, but it was still quite a shock cause I didn’t expect to see bones and it was the first time in my life to see actually human bones.

(Some pictures of the grave yard0//

Unfortunately it was really cloudy and we couldn’t see far. Apparently there is a point at the graveyard where you have a really good view over downtown Paris. Unfortunately we could hardly see the Montparnasse tower and in the pictures we took you don’t see it at all.

On Friday Jérôme had to go to school from 15:30 till 21:30. During the morning we slept and watched an episode of breaking bad. During the afternoon I worked on school stuff while he was in school.
After a while I took a break to walk around the neighborhood. In the end I ‘accidently’ ended up at Sephora. But honestly it was my goal all along, I just wanted to take a look at all the amazing makeup.

Friday night one of Jérôme’s friends came over and the three of us ate pizza and had some drinks.

Saturday was a lazy day and the day of packing my bags. I took all my dirty clothes and left the clean stuff cause I will be back on Tuesday. I think the fact that I will be back so soon made the last day much easier. Usually I feel really sad the day before I leave knowing we will be separated for a while. Now I know I will see him very soon and it makes me happy.
Ofcourse I still hate saying goodbye but knowing it’s for such a short time makes it a whole lot easier.

Saturday night we went out for dinner with Jérôme’s parents. It was very nice and I had some pretty good food! A goat cheese salad as a starter, steak as a main course and for dessert some cheesecake!

Sunday morning I had to be at the bus station at 9:15. Usually I take the plane or the train but the ticket prices went up quite high so I decided to take the bus. Unfortunately it means a long day of travelling.
I didn’t get home until 7 o’clock at night. Believe me I was very happy when I finally got to lay in my bed.

I had a really good week in Paris and enjoyed every single minute of it.
Soon I will be back and I will try to write daily posts about being there instead of two long posts that summarize the week.


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