Fashion Friday: who decides what’s in style?

What’s fashion? To be honest I didn’t know the exact meaning of the term. I just assumed fashion is the style of clothes that are available in stores now and worn the most. But who decides what will be available in stores and what’s ‘in style’ or ‘out of style’.
Before finding out who decides what’s fashion, I first want to find out the definition of fashion.

When I google the word fashion I get a list with online shops, blogs and magazines. And Urban Dictionary gives me the following definition:
Fashion: a sense of style that changes from decade to decade, century to century. Each era of fashion can change by very little or drastically.

And to make it more ‘clear’ I also found the definition of style on urban dictionary.
‘The basic defining characteristics of a person, everything from talk, dress, hairstyle, demeanor, etc. A majority of the time it is the person’s appearance in general and can be categorized (grunge, hippie, preppy, hoochie, nerdy, etc). A few people have their own style which usually makes them unique while most go with whatever is the “in” thing at the time in all the above categories. Can also be used as a compliment’

So fashion is not just your clothing, but your overall appearance. But who decides what’s in style?
It’s the big fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Prada. All the important fashion designers show their new items during the fashion weeks. Famous fashion weeks are the ones in Paris, New York, London and Milano. Those shows are always half a year before the season. So the spring fashion is shown on the catwalk in September. Fashion designers for shops like Topshop, Zara and H&M are at those big fashion shows and inspire their clothes on the big fashion houses. So in the end, the successful, world famous designers influence the clothes that you buy at y!our local mall.

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