Fashion friday

Fashion Friday is a brand new series on my blog. I will be uploading one new post about fashion every Friday.
I know what you’re thinking right now, but Merel you are not fashionable at all. And that is totally true. I don’t know the first thing about fashion and my wardrobe is far from interesting.
During the weekends I look like a homeless person with a sweater and pajama pants.
I like dressing up for school when I have time, but most days I’m in a hurry and just get whatever I can find. During winter it’s mostly black jeans with a sweater.
I’ve always wished to be more fashionable, but just wishing isn’t going to change anything.

By starting fashion Friday I am challenging myself to learn more about fashion, be more conscious about what I wear and find my own style that makes me feel good. Cause as comfortable my outfits might be, some days I really feel I could do better. When I spent a little time on my looks I will feel better.

This blog series will be about me finding my own style and also learning about fashion. I will be sharing all the things I learn with you. Like that we can learn together.

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