Goodbye day

This week I am doing an 3 day internship at All You Need is Love, a tv show about reuniting loved ones. Unfortunately those reunions have a sad moment as well, the moment of goodbye. In the past 1,5 years I’ve become an ‘expert’ at those goodbyes. And that’s what I want to write about today.

Yesterday was our ‘goodbye day,’ usually one of us leaves in the morning. Yesterday I left during the night. During the day I’ve kept an eye on the clock and watched the hours go by.
With every second we got closer to the moment when I got to leave.

Those moments tear me apart and every time I feel super sad. I hate knowing we will be separated for a while. I hate the thought of being alone again. Coming home in a quit house, no one talk to and no one to cuddle on the couch.
I am grateful for the moments we got, the memories we’ve made but really I would do anything just to be with him every day.

17 days till I see him again, 31 months till I graduate college and we can finally be together without having to leave.

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