Inspired by businessmen

The summer is long gone and my blog is still empty. Every time I visit my own website the homepage says nothing found. To be honest, I hate seeing that message, but I just haven’t had the time to upload anything.
My plan was to start daily blogging on September first, now two months later I changed my plans. I will start daily blogging from November 1th.
Blogging is something that I really like and I just want to make time for.

These past months have been busy with school. I started my 2nd year and this semester we have to work on 2 bigger projects. I just finished my first one last week. An audio/video/written production about people who have their own company and a multicultural background.
One of the awesome things I got to do for this production is going to an event of the Other Network. A business network for people with a migration background and the evening was so inspiring.
It was inspiring to hear the people talk about their business and the success they got.
If you really want to reach a goal you have to work hard, but it is reachable.

That is what inspired me to make my own website where I publish all the productions I’ve made so far and also my curriculum vitea.
I also made little cards with my personal information on it, like that I can give it to people who are interested in hiring me for a freelance production.
And guess what? I actually got my second freelance job. I will be interviewing 6 businessman and managers who are nominated for the other businessman competition.
So far I did 4 out of the 6 interviews and I enjoyed it so much. Their stories are so inspiring and they all said: ”dreams are there to make them come true.”

One of my dreams is having a successful blog and I am so ready to work my ass of to reach my goal.
So be prepared and make sure you check out my blog every day because I will  be uploading a lot of new content.

I am so happy to be back 😊

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