Less activities, more happiness

For a long time I’ve had a lot of outside of school activities. Working 1 or 2 days a week, being a mentor of exchange students and playing field hockey. Not just my activities, but I also wanted to spent a lot of time with my friends, family and boyfriend. Back in those days I felt super tired all the time but I felt like I needed to do all those things. Without any of those activities I would be a boring person and not succeed in life.
I felt sick all the time and never had the full attention for what I did. My mind was always two steps ahead with all the things I still had to do.

At one point everything was just too much and I realized I had to take some rest to make sure I would not get a bad break down. I quit my job and felt so relieved. Later I also quit being a mentor and field hockey.

Right this day I do not have any outside of school activities where I have to go. And to be honest, I am freaking happy about it.
For the last months in hockey and as a mentor I’ve been missing quite some trainings and activities. Not because I didn’t want to go, just because I actually felt sick. Right now I am feeling so much better.
I do have a gym card but I can go whenever I want to. When I skip a workout day I don’t feel guilty for leaving my teammates, I feel relieved because I listen to my body.

That’s exactly where I am going with this blog. We’re living in a society where it sometimes feels like the more activities you have, the more you succeed in life. Don’t take me wrong, if you enjoy being away every single night after school or work, go and do it. But if it makes you feel bad don’t do it.
It’s important to listen to your body and take enough rest. I learned it’s better to do a few things for the full 100% than doing a lot of things for 50% and always feeling tired.

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