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My ‘perfect’ life

‘’You have the perfect life’’ that’s something one of my classmates told me the other day. She was pointing out the fact that my boyfriend lives in Paris.
She told me it seemed like the life from a movie. Having your boyfriend in the city of lights, getting to visit the city at least once a month and not having to pay for a hotel.
Well if you look at it like that, it’s quite nice. I love travelling and being in Paris makes me happy.

But being in a long distance relationships has it’s downsides as well. Every time we get to spent time together we both know we will have to say goodbye again. I always realize it’s temporary and I know in the end we will be apart for a long time.
Every time we’re separated I count down the days till we’re reunited again. No day goes by without wishing we were together.

I am realizing we’re lucky for a long distance couple, there are people who have their partner living on the other side of the world. Only seeing each other once or twice a year.

We are lucky, we get to see each other once a month. That’s an average, sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less. This time it’s only 9 days, a record. I always keep track of the number of days. Every morning I wake up with the knowledge that were one day closer till seeing each other. Getting closer to the moment I will be in his arms again.

Today is one of those great days. Soon I’ll be heading to the airport and tonight at 20:30 I can finally hug my man 😊

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