My week 1

Januari 1th
The new year and the new week started with a crowd in my parents house. We were with 17 people, a really nice group of people.
For Henry and Verakay it was their first New Years Eve in the Netherlands and they were pretty impressed with all the firework.
We stayed out for about an hour to watch the fireworks from the people across the street. After we stayed up talking till about 4 o’clock.
During the day we just relaxed at my parents place and went for a walk.

January 2nd
Tuesday my parents, American parents and I went to Zwolle for a couple hours. The town where I live and I showed them around in the city center. Basically every store had sale and I couldn’t help myself and bought a new pair of shoes. My current winter shoes are dying and I’ve been wanted to buy new ones for a while now.
After our visit to Zwolle we had dinner at my parents place and just relaxed for the rest of the night.

January 3rd.
Wednesday was a travel day. Henry and Verakay had to get back on their plane to the USA and I took the Thalys to Paris. Unfortunately their plane left before I had to get my train so I’ve waited for a while. I read my book and those two hours actually flew by.
I arrived in Paris around 6pm, and it felt good to be ‘home’ again.

January 4th
School hasn’t started yet but deadlines are getting closer. I am basically home alone all day so I have no choice but work on some school stuff. To make the day a little better I do write some blog posts and watch some Youtube. Oh and ofcourse I sleep in, cause studying all day is not my thing.
During the night I did an interview on the phone and after it was time to relax.

January 5th
During the morning I’ve worked on schoolstuff and wrote the first blogpost for fashion Friday.
The afternoon was time for a movie.
A few weeks ago I had dinner with a friend and she made homemade tortilla’s. After seeing her doing that I thought I could do it as well. I was wrong, I totally failed making home made tortillas and had to run to the store to get premade ones. Not as tasty as homemade tortillas but they were fine.

January 6th
In the Netherlands we don’t really celebrate epiphany. In France they do and it is tradition to eat a special cake. La galette des rois, a pastrie filled with frangipane and a small charm in it, so you have to be careful not to break your teeth. The person who gets the charm in their piece of galette gets to wear a crown. I didn’t get the charm but wore the crown just for the picture.

January 7th
Sundays are lazy days. Sleeping in, having a brunch, making plans for a short trip and watching a movie. During the night I went out for dinner at Hippopotamus and got a burger. It was a burger with galette de pommes de terre, wich is like a hash brown. I never had potatoes on a hamburger and I am not sure what to think of it..

Unfortunately my last week of Christmasbreak is over and it is time to get back to the normal life. School will start tomorrow and I still have a lot of work to do ☹

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