Summer memories

Snow is falling down, temperatures below zero and I am dreaming of summer. My thoughts go back to the moments of laying on the beach at Corsica. This summer I’ve spent three weeks on the island with my boyfriend. We’ve had a very good time together and thanks to I designed my book online with… Read More Summer memories


My travel bucket list

I love travelling and if I could travel for free I would want to see the whole world. Unfortunately it’s not and that’s why I will have to make choices. Today I share 5 destinations that are on my travel bucket list. Places I want to visit before I die. Thailand When I think about… Read More My travel bucket list


Goodbye day

This week I am doing an 3 day internship at All You Need is Love, a tv show about reuniting loved ones. Unfortunately those reunions have a sad moment as well, the moment of goodbye. In the past 1,5 years I’ve become an ‘expert’ at those goodbyes. And that’s what I want to write about… Read More Goodbye day


Dream come true

As long as I remember All You Need is Love is one of my favorite show. For all my non Dutch readers, it’s a tv show about love. Long distance couples get reunited, families who have been separated for a long time get to finally see each other again, but also people who live closer… Read More Dream come true