Police searching my house

It was a lovely day in October, 2 years ago. I had spent a few days at my parents and returned to my place in Zwolle. Everything was normal until I entered the building where I live and saw that my front door had been destroyed. Right at that moment I started wondering what had happened.
I got stressed out when I saw the door to my room was destroyed as well. I walked in my room, finding a note on the table. The note said that there had been police going through my stuff. My extra key was at the company that owns my house and for questions I could call the police.

I was in complete shock and wanted to leave my house as fast as possible. I took some important stuff like my passport and laptop and made sure I got out.
I called the police for more information. It took a long time before I could talk to someone who could give me the information. When I finally got someone on the phone who had all the information, the person told me he wasn’t allowed to give me any information. The only thing I knew was it happened on a Wednesday and I didn’t find out till Monday.
The company that owns the place knew all along, but didn’t even inform me.

Outside I ran into my housemates, they told me the guy had been suspected of something but he was innocent. Someone else in my building told me he had been arrested and was released a few hours later.
I was so scared to share my house with those people and never fell asleep without my hockey stick next to the bed.

I don’t think I will ever find out why the police searched my house and what my housemate did. I do know this was one of the scariest periods in my life and I am so happy they moved out.

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