Someone jumped in front of my train

Wednesday night I got an experience I never wished I got. I was taking the train home after a long day at the office from my 3 day internship. It was dark out and I was sleepy so I closed my eyes. Knowing I had to sit in the train for one hour. About 20 minutes before arriving someone jumped in front of the train. Since I was sitting quite in the front of the train I really felt it going over something. I wasn’t fully conscious because I was half asleep but once the train started breaking I knew.

Soon the conductor announced we would be standing still till there was more information. I saw him and the train driver walk through our part towards the end of the train. The look on their faces proved what had happened and I felt so sorry for them. They had seen the person, they knew what would happen but just couldn’t break in time.
Within 10 minutes the news broke we had hit a person and we had to wait for the emergency services before they got us out of the train.

I’ve waited in the train for over an hour and I just can’t describe the moment. Knowing someone just lost his or her life, the body parts were probably all around us and I kept wondering who it was and why the person got so desperate he or she took his own life. I’ll probably never know.
I talked to people in the train and at some moments we were quiet. It was weird to see cars driving outside, the world keeps moving and we were in a silent, isolated place that we couldn’t leave.

A little over 1 hour later we finally got to leave the train. The back part of the train was still at the station so the people who were there could leave from there. They were told not to look to the left cause they would see things they wouldn’t want to see.
I was in the front and we had to leave through one of the doors in the middle of the train. They put a little stairway and we had to walk like 50 meters over the railway to get at the station.
That moment of getting out of the train was such a weird moment. There was police everywhere with lights to guide us in the right direction. The ambiance was super weird, it was foggy and I think it even smelled weird.
I tried not to think about the fact that someone had just died and his or her body was somewhere around us, probably unrecognizable.

I had to wait for a bus for like 30 minutes. We were with about 100 people. I talked to some, I was quiet, I looked around, still not realizing what had actually happened.
While looking at the train station I saw they had put a coffin right there. People looking at the same point, and I am pretty sure that’s where the majority of him or her was.

The train company called in busses and 2,5 hours after the moment I got at the train station in Zwolle. Still in shock and wondering why? Why did someone decide to take her or his own life? Does the family already know they just lost a love one?

Everyday people jump in front of a train, but once you get to experience it from close by it is way more real.
I see messages on the train schedule all the time, ‘train is cancelled/delayed because it hit a person’ I always think it’s sad. But when I saw the same message last night when I was waiting for my train home I thought about the person who jumped on Wednesday. And I think I always will when I see that particular message.

I really wish the family and friends of the person a lot of strength and I hope he or she found peace. 

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  1. Merel wat een naar verhaal. Voor alle betrokkenen zo ingrijpend en verdrietig en het gebeurt vaker dan wij ons realiseren. Count your blessings <3

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