Summer memories

Snow is falling down, temperatures below zero and I am dreaming of summer. My thoughts go back to the moments of laying on the beach at Corsica. This summer I’ve spent three weeks on the island with my boyfriend. We’ve had a very good time together and thanks to

I designed my book online with their designing program to make my book just the way I want it. The program is very easy to understand and there are a lot of possibilities to make your book look very pretty. I chose a horizontal book because most of my pictures are horizontal. There is also the possibility to have a vertical book.
In my book I chose for a blue background on every page to have all the pages look kinda the same. I could have also chosen for a different color on every page or a picture as the background.

I ordered my book on the 24th of November and on the 29th it was delivered at my house. This was way faster than I expected and I was so happy to have the actual picture book in my hands.

The book looks very nice and the quality of the picture is good. I am honestly so happy with it and have to admit it is so much better to flip through a picture book instead of watching pictures on my laptop.
It’s a hardcover book so it looks very nice on my bookshelf.

Do you want to order a picture book you should totally consider buying it at fotofabriek.
This link will guide you directly to the page where you can design your own book.

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