My travel bucket list

I love travelling and if I could travel for free I would want to see the whole world. Unfortunately it’s not and that’s why I will have to make choices. Today I share 5 destinations that are on my travel bucket list. Places I want to visit before I die.

When I think about Thailand I think about the beautiful nature and the amazing beaches. This is really a place that I want to see at least once in my life. Plus I really like Thai food haha.

I’ve always wanted to go to the other side of the world, and Australia is pretty much there. The nature seems beautiful and I would love to see the white beaches with the blue ocean. I really want to go snorkeling in the great barrier reef, but there is only one ‘small’ problem, I am a little bit scared of fish.
And since I know everything bites in Australia and there are a lot of poison animals I am not sure if I will ever snorkel there. But when I get over my fear for fish this is something I totally want to do.
Beside seeing the beautiful animals under water, I would love to see the animals on land, like kangaroos and koala’s.

Road trip in the USA
I’ve been in the USA and I’ve actually lived there for 10 moths. I’ve lived in South Dakota and beside the mid-west I haven’t seen much of the country. I’ve visited New York, Texas and Colorado, but I still want to see the East and West coast. My dream would be traveling with a camper and visiting all the beautiful places the USA has to offer.

It’s much closer than the other places on my travel bucket place, but this city seems so pretty. And of course it’s a bonus that Poland is very cheap compared to the Netherlands. I’ve been told you can have a full 3 course dinner for just €10.

One of my biggest wishes is to see dolphins in real life. On Curacao there are opportunities to actually swim with dolphins. This is something I really want to do. Beside that Curacao has beautiful beaches and I just want to lay my ass on a pretty beach.
Willemstad seems like such a lovely town with all it’s colorful houses. Totally something I would love to see.

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