This is Paris

The capital of France located in the Northern center of the country.  Downtown Paris counts 2.22 million inhabitants and including the suburbs there are 10 million people living in the French capital. The city is home of the most paid-visited monument in the world, the Eiffel tower. In the year 2017 23 million tourists visited… Read More This is Paris


Birthday blog

Whenever I would hear the Taylor Swift song 22 I would think: it will take a long time before I hit that age! Not anymore, I am turning 22 today! Unfortunately, it doesn’t really feel like a day to celebrate because I have to be in school the entire week. This week is deadline week… Read More Birthday blog


Just a picture of the beach

This week has been too busy with all the studying I had to do for school. Deadlines and tests, no time to breathe. Therefore I am just sharing a picture of the beach, wishing I was there instead. To all the people who are in their finals week as well, I wish you good luck!


My week 2

This second week of the year wasn’t the most interesting one. A week with a deadline and the week before finals. Let’s just say that I’ve done a lot of things for school. On Monday I travelled from Paris to Amsterdam. So weird to be back in Zwolle after being gone for a while. So… Read More My week 2


My week 1

Januari 1th The new year and the new week started with a crowd in my parents house. We were with 17 people, a really nice group of people. For Henry and Verakay it was their first New Years Eve in the Netherlands and they were pretty impressed with all the firework. We stayed out for… Read More My week 1


Fashion friday

Fashion Friday is a brand new series on my blog. I will be uploading one new post about fashion every Friday. I know what you’re thinking right now, but Merel you are not fashionable at all. And that is totally true. I don’t know the first thing about fashion and my wardrobe is far from… Read More Fashion friday