Fall break in Paris part 1

Telling about the whole week in Paris will be an extremely long post so that’s why I decided to split it in two parts. Today you will get part one and tomorrow part two.

Last week I got to go to Paris for 9 days. On Friday October 19th I finally got to see my boyfriend after being separated for almost 6 weeks. I felt extra-long because before he left the Netherlands we’ve been spending more than 5 months together.
Ever since the day he left I had been counting down the days and during the last week I actually counted down the hours. I just missed him too much.
Unfortunately my hour counting was not right cause I got an two hour delay. In the end those two hours didn’t matter cause by the end of the night we were together again. But the waiting  at the airport was freaking long.

On Saturday we went to a baptism in a church in the middle of Paris. The church was very beautiful and it was interesting to be at the baptism. For me it was the first time being at a baptism, except my own when I was still a baby.
So beside going to church less than 10 times in my entire life, the whole service was in French so I didn’t understand anything but Amen.
But it was a good experience.
During the night my boyfriend and I went to a bar with one of his friends. It was a nice evening and I really like Paris by night.

(The church from the inside)

Sunday was just a really lazy day. We are watching breaking bad together and watched quite some episodes. We only watch it when we’re together and since we hadn’t seen each other for 6 weeks we had some catching up to do. I think we finished 1,5 season this week, oops.

On Monday we went for a walk to a park in the neighborhood. When we had a romantic dinner on a boat on the Seine we saw an air balloon and Jérôme told me it was in a park close by.
Unfortunately it was a rainy day and the sky was grey, but I took quite some pictures and it was nice being out.
On our way back we stopped at McDonalds for a coke and a donut cause we got tickets to get that for free.

(Some interesting stuff at the park)

On Tuesday night we met up with some friends of my boyfriend in a bar. One of my classmates from the Netherlands was in Paris as well so she joined us for some drinks. The plan was to have dinner, but we spent too much time at the bar so my classmate had to have dinner there. She had to leave in time to travel back to her apartment with her parents.
She left around nine something and in the end the rest of us didn’t go to the restaurant until ten.
We had dinner at an Vietnamese place and it was really good.
I really had a good night and it was very nice to talk Dutch for a little bit haha.

(Drinks with Danielle and yummy Vietnamese food)

Wednesday was a lazy day when we slept till 1pm and watched a lot of breaking bad.

This is it for now. Tomorrow I will tell you all about the rest of the week.

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